The Fredericksburg Baseball franchise has relocated to Fredericksburg, VA from their previous residence in Woodbridge, VA as the former Potomac Nationals. The new and improved Fredericksburg Nationals are building their brand new, state of the art stadium right next door to the Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center at the end of Carl D. Silver Parkway in Celebrate Virginia South. Construction is still underway and they are expecting to have the stadium completed by end of Summer 2020. Art Silber is the Chairman & CEO of the Fredericksburg Nationals, and his daughter, Lani Weiss, is the President & COO of the club. 

Oak View Group was retained by the Silber Family in efforts to better coordinate and expand events in the ballpark, and also manage and operate the Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center. Oak View Group Facilities has a very successful history in delivering new content and booking live entertainment events in their client venues. This partnership is very exciting as Oak View Group, the Fredericksburg Nationals, and the Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center will team up to provide the city of Fredericksburg with a lot more entertainment and engaging activities for the community. 

“OVG is the perfect partner to come in and expand offerings at the Expo & Conference Center, and help us attract fans to the entire complex – whether for a baseball game, a concert, a consumer expo event, weddings, and so many other corporate and community events. Their national reputation and resources married with their desire to expand opportunities for the entire Fredericksburg community is very exciting,” said FredNats Chairman Art Silber.

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